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Lead On article by Ian Parkinson. Ian looks at the theology of Christian leadership, specifically focusing on four motifs that influence how Christ-like leadership is understood and practised.

Lead On article by Ian Parkinson. This month Ian explores three specific emphases on leadership given by New Testament writers, and how the reader can better interact with these scriptures when exploring original Greek phrases used to describe those exercising leadership at the time. 

Lead On article by Ian Parkinson. In this edition Ian explores the examples left by Old Testament leaders and how these can appropriately inform our New Testament understanding of leadership. 'OT leadership may be biblical but it is not completely Christian.'

Lead On article by James Lawrence. How we use our time, energy and attention is a constant question for those of us who lead. These factors affect our ability to focus, and knowing our rhythms or patterns through a day, week, month, term, or year can help us decide what work to do when.

Lead On article by Charles Burgess. Every meeting has them. Awkward moments, difficult moments, when the leader of the meeting needs to respond calmly, wisely and carefully. How can we handle these moments well?

Lead On article by Liz Dumain. Maybe part of the reason we see fewer young people in our chuches is that we wait too long to give their gifts a chance to break out? But what if that means our churches are missing out on a richness that comes from a journey shared as we all grow together?

Lead On article by Dave Male. There are roughly 1,000,000 regular adult worshippers in the Church of England churches each week. If just 2% became a little more confident in praying for those who aren’t yet followers of Jesus it could reverse the decline in the Church of England. 

Lead On article by Simon Barrington and Rachel Leutchford. Based on research amongst 500 Christian millennial leaders, Simon and Rachel offer six areas to focus on when looking to encourage millennials in their leadership. 

Lead On article by Nick Shepherd. Lots has been written and said about helping people to live out their discipleship of Jesus in their Monday to Saturday lives. But what can we do as leaders to create a culture where this becomes a reality?

Lead On article by Liz Carter. Contentment - what is it and how do we get it? And even more importantly, how do we learn the secret of being content in all circumstances? With the inevitable challenges of leadership Liz suggests that leaders have a part to play in modelling contentment.