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Lead On article by Ian Parkinson. At times it is easy to get distracted and unmotivated. By looking at the example of Nehemiah we can be encouraged and refocus our attention to God's purposes. 

Lead On article by Charles Burgess. We all have different skills and preferences, and often these can influence how we lead. Charles explores how differences amongst people in church can work together, and what we can do to recognise our practical responses. 

Lead On article by Graham Archer. Macaroni and cheese. Pen and paper. Pins and needles. Leadership and preaching. All go hand in hand, right? Perhaps not. Graham explores how different leadership and preaching actually are and how the two can effectively work together. 

Lead On article by Rhiannon King. We do not have to do leadership on our own. Asking for help is ok. So why do we feel the constant need to shy away from getting it? 

Lead On article by John Fisher. In the tricky stages of a leader leaving or stepping down so many things can go wrong. John helps us recognise the importance of planned succession.

Lead On article by Luke Smith. Simply put, young adults want to build a church community, they don’t want to attend one. They are participators and contributors not attenders wanting to be entertained. 

Lead On article by Sami Watts. Whether it is football in the park or an activity in church, leadership skills are important when organising such teams. Sami reminds us of such skills and how to lead effectively. 

Lead On article by John Dunnett. Leadership comes from an old Anglo-Saxon word for ‘route, way, path, direction’. It is about going somewhere, and for those within the Christian tradition, about discerning where God would have us go.

Lead On article by Rosie Ward. Having spent many years researching and writing on women and leadership, Rosie examines some of the things that impact women in their development as leaders.

Lead On article by Pam Macnaughton. Across the Church of England (and other denominations), increasing numbers of incumbents, SSMs and Readers are being asked to cope with leading more than one church. So, the first question for those in some sort of multi-parish situation is how are things going?