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Moving roles

If following Jesus is a journey, the times when we change jobs are major junctions in the road. If you are considering a move or starting in a new role, we'd love to support you. bubble_image_about_us.png

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Lead On article by John Fisher. Drawing on his significant experience interviewing people for roles on a weekly basis, John offers some advice on how to sell yourself in an interview setting.

Lead On article by Martyn Taylor. The average length of time an incumbent stays in post in the Church of England is around 7-8 years. But what if we stayed longer? Martyn reflects on the benefits of being in post for over 20 years.

Lead On article by John Fisher. In the tricky stages of a leader leaving or stepping down so many things can go wrong. John helps us recognise the importance of planned succession.

Lead On article by John Fisher. For the average church, 10% of their life cycle will be spent in vacancy with no vicar or key leader in post. John explores how churches can use this time to grow and make the most of the opportunity.

Lead On article by John Fisher, CPAS Patronage Secretary. In a church leadership role it can be a real challenge judging the right time to consider moving on. This article explores lessons from the book of Ecclesiastes and considers reasons why a move might be right.