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Anyone involved in leadership of young people will know the pressures and challenges involved. What's vital is for the leader to make sure that they continue to grow themselves.

The articles on this page are designed to help you do just that, and in turn, help you to be more effective in your leadership of young people.

The leader's reflection

leader's reflectionRealising that the leader is a significant role model in a young person's life is vital for ministry to be life-changing and significant. This article offers some helfpul insight and suggestions on how the leader can keep growing in a healthy way.

The leader's MOT is a tool which leaders can use either individually or with others to help take an assessment of how their reflection is at the moment. This tool will help leaders recognise any areas of their lives that they need to give attention to.

TweenagersTweenagers and the church

Young people often leave the church between the ages of nine and twelve. This article addresses some of the reasons and offers practical ways to not only make it less tempting for them to leave, but also how to fulfill the needs of this age group.



Teenage leadersGrowing young people as leaders

Churches need to be intentional about developing the leadership gifts in their young people. This article gives some suggestions as to what to consider and offers some practical ideas and suggestions.




GenerationBridging the gap

A vital role of any youth leader is to be a facilitator in bringing together the different generations that exist within our church family. This is not usually an easy role and this article gives some tips as to how to go about it.


clockEffective team meetings

Holding meetings is probably our most important single way of achieving our objectives; yet it is one that is probably most abused. This article will help meetings be fruitful, fun and fulfilling.


Taking care of yourself

The best gift we can give to those we lead is that of a leader who is spiritually alive and growing in their relationship with God. So how is it that so many of us struggle to take care of ourselves? This article highlights the warning signs of burnout and suggests steps we can take to keep our faith alive.

Goal setting

Once we have an idea of where God is wanting us to go, the next task is to take the time to plan the steps to seeing that vision become a reality. This article will help you set realistic, and achievable, goals.

Building a youth strategy

This article gives practical ideas on how to go about starting to develop a youth strategy for your church.

Parental consent form template (word doc) (pdf file)

You will need this, or something similar, if you are taking young people out from your regular meeting place, whether that's for a short outing or for a longer residential. There is an editable Microsoft Word document or a pdf file. Make sure you add in the location of the event and the date of the trip at the top, and put the names of the leaders going at the bottom, and highlight which are the first aiders, for parents' peace of mind.

How to plan a residential

An article for youth leaders on how to plan an effective residential for their youth group. You can also listen to a podcast about residentials.

Mentoring teenagers

This is a helpful article explaining what mentoring is, the benefits it can have on your youth ministry and some practical tips for getting started.

A plan for meeting - mentoring teenagers

This gives advice on what to do during your first mentor meeting with a young person, goals to set and boundaries to have in place.

Nurturing your team

Taking the time to invest in our leaders is vital if we are to see them grow and flourish in their gifting.

Developing a youth strategy

This article outlines the importance of having a youth strategy and the difference it can make.

Recruiting leaders

Find out out to identify and recruit new leaders to your youth team.


Something to share?

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Training articles


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