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Grove Leadership Series


Leadership makes a difference. With the rising interest in leadership, CPAS has partnered with Grove Books to offer cutting edge thinking and ideas from mainly UK authors to ensure the difference is biblical, thoughtful, practical and kingdom focused.

With four titles a year, the series addresses some of the contemporary issues on leadership, as well as offer practical insights for those in leadership roles. You can subscribe to the series as a whole or order individual books as they are released from the CPAS bookshop (all priced at £3.95).


Refusing to be Indispensable (Andy Griffiths)

Despite the pressures often placed upon them, today's clergy are not required to be indispensable - doing all the ministry themselves - but rather to ensure the ministry is done.

In a time of cuts in clergy numbers, this timely study illustrates how incumbents can refuse to be central to church life, instead releasing and equipping their flock to do the real work of mission and service. Only then can churches become ministering communities, rather than communities centred on a minister.


Embracing Conflict (Colin Patterson)

To be human is to know conflict; to be a leader is to know conflict intensified.

This invaluable guide explores some of the many instances when Jesus dealt with the tension and hostility throughout his ministry. It invites leaders to into and experience these tense events from Jesus' point of view, with the aim of reflecting on their own styles of leadership and experiences of conflict.


The Power of Story to Change a Church (Vaughan S Roberts)

The stories we tell can shape us and the communities to which we belong. This booklet contends that the process of telling and sharing stories can be fundamental in shaping a church's identity, meaning, relationships and future direction. It examines the biblical, ecclesial and missional setting for story and sets out ways for leaders to introduce story sharing in church.


Enabling Succession (Ian Parkinson)

Effective succession planning enables churches and ministries to prosper, securing greater fruitfulness than may have been otherwise possible. Yet many in leadership positions fail to prepare the ground for incoming leaders, potentially resulting in disruption and loss of direction in the life of a church.

This valuable guide lays out a pathway to smooth the process of leadership transition, showing how departing leaders can enable their successors to build further on the foundations they have laid.


Effective Line Management in Ministry (Sharon Prior)

A key aspect of leadership in churches and Christian organisations in helping individuals, both voluntary and paid, to grow in their roles and develop their God-given potential.

This useful guide argues that effective line management can enable people to work out their own methods and solutions, transforming a disparate group into a motivated, empowered and smoothly functioning team.


Managing Change (Alison Myers)

Change is certainly in any aspect of human life, and particularly so for a church rooted in tradition and local context. How can Christian leaders harness the energetic and forward thinking in their congregations, while ushering through the more sceptical and cautious?

This booklet uses the story of the Exodus as a framework for managing the move from an ending, through a 'neutral' in-between phase and into a new beginning. It offers models and tools to facilitate this process of transition.


Facing Disappointment (James Newcome)

James Newcome unpacks the issue of church leaders who face disappointment at some stage of their ministry.


Vulnerability in Leadership (Emma Sykes)

Emma Sykes explores the compelling arguments for being vulnerabile in leadership, plus advice on how and when it is best exercised.


Evangelical Leadership (Ian Paul)

Evangelicals are exercising influential leadership in the Church like never before. Revd Dr Ian Paul offers his reflections on the key issues and opportunities this brings.


Leadership Resilience in Conflict (Sandra Cobbin)

Few Christian leaders can claim to have lacked first-hand experience of conflict in some for or another during their ministry. Sandra Cobbin writes about how times of conflict can present possibilities for transformation and renewal.


Growing Leaders from Diverse Cultures (Andy Jolley)

How can church leaders in multicultural areas encourage members of their congregations to consider the call to leadership? Andy Jolley answers this by beginning with the fundamental question, how do we cultivate disciples from diverse cultures?


Leading with Trust (Richard England)

Much leadership thinking in recent years has focused on the importance of vision to generate enthusiasm and commitment. But this thought-provoking booklet argues that, without trust, trying to cultivate a church's vision is little more than rearranging the furniture.

 Leading Rural Churches for Growth

Leading Rural Churches for Growth (Graham Dow)

Although rural churches face a range of challenges - ageing congregation, overstretched clergy, high maintenance and limited facilities to name a few - they also have opportunities unique to their rural setting. This study sets out ways in which churches can meet the needs of their local context.


Leading Community Projects (Fran Beckett)

Churches in the UK have arguably never had a greater chance to engage with their local communities. This helpful guide gives practical advice on how leaders can set up new projects, assume leadership of existing ones, or revitalize an initiative that has lost its Christian distinctiveness.


Leaving Well (Andy Piggott)

Leaving is a certainty in any form of ministry, whether taking up a new post, moving from one area of ministry to another, or approaching retirement from leadership responsibilities. As this helpful study illustrates, leaving is also a theme that features often in Scripture, from Abraham's calling to Paul's missionary journeys.

 Grove 16 cover

Don't Lose Heart (Graham Archer)

Maintaining good morale can be a challenge in all walks of life, but there are particular challenges for Christian leaders.

This encouraging study explores the theme of morale both in 2 Corinthians and in the experience of 21st century church leaders, and sets out a series of practical insights from St Paul that can help leaders stay positive, motivated and in good heart.

 Grove 15

Using Measurement Well (Paul Valler)

Far from being just a target-driven approach championed by the secular world, measuring is a God-given tool that can be used by church leaders to encourage human flourishing.

Measuring well involves navigating through the tension between performance and grace. This helpful guide provides principles for applying and measurement in a way that reinforces truth, learning and accountability in churches, with the aim of strengthening our purpose, relationships and identity in Christ.


Pioneering Leadership (Dave Male)

Some sources predict that the number of worshippers in the Anglican church will plummet by as much as 90% by 2057. Without radical change in the way we do church, the decline threatens to be irreversible within a single generation. Pioneering leadership - following the lead of Jesus to break new ground, communicating the gospel to new communities in new ways - might be part of the answer. This booklet helps leaders to identify whether pioneering is or could be part of their ministry, and suggests a spectrum of pioneering leadership styles that might be appropriate to them.

 Grove 13

Healthy Leaders and Healthy Churches (Roger Matthews)

Where good leadership is exercised, leader and congregation will grow in freedom and health and the community of faith will grow. This booklet examines how leaders can maintain their health and wellbeing, and explores the connection with the health of the congregation or community they lead.

 Grove 12

The Leader and the Family (Katharine Hill)

Achieving a balance between work and family is a challenge for any working parent, but can be especially difficult for those experiencing the unique demands of Christian ministry. This helpful guide takes an honest look at both the negative and positive aspects of being a church leader, setting out a biblical framework for managing the pressures and celebrating the benefits.

 Grove 11

Leading in Demanding Times (Peter Shaw and Graham Shaw)

Leadership roles in any context - church, charity, public sector, or commercial organisation - inevitably involve leading through demanding times. This book looks at the contemporary reality leaders operate within.

 Grove 10

The Quantum Leap - From Assistant to Senior Minister (Adrian Beavis)

How to ease the transition to senior leadership (or the quantum leap of becoming a vicar).

 Grove 9

The Cross-Shaped Leader (Ian Rawley)

Many voices have argued in recent years that what the church desperately needs is strong leaders. But strong leaders will only be worth following and worthy of imitation to the extent that they are also cross-shaped leaders. The apostle Paul should be our mentor and his quest to imitate the self-giving, servant leadership of Christ should be our guide.


 Grove 8

Engaging Gen Y (James Lawrence)

James Lawrence explores the key differences between the 'generations' and the different expectations they have of leadership.


 Grove 7

Leading a Whole-life Disciplemaking Church (Tracy Cotterill and Neil Hudson)

Tracy Cotterell and Neil Hudson show the importance of shifting the focus to how churches can best equip people for living as disciples Monday to Saturday.

 Grove 6

Leadership and Social Networking (Richard Moy and Anna Drew)

Updating your ministry status: Richard Moy and Anna Drew explore how social media can enhance our community lives, mission and understanding of people.

 Grove 5

Understanding and Using Power (Roger Preece)

Leadership without corrupting you soul: Exploring the dynamics and characteristics of leadership, Roger Preece offers a very practical guide to our uses and (potential)abuses of power.

 Grove 4

Embracing Chaos (Tim Harle)

Tim Harle ponders the seeming chaos of organic growth and development, drawing practical lessons to prompt vibrant change and re-organisation in the church.

 Grove 3

Loving Volunteers (Richard Steel)

Shock revelation: most members of church teams are volunteers! So how should a local-church leader lead volunteers effectively? This short, practical guide is an essential resource for the emotionally intelligent leader.

 Grove 2

The Inner Life of a Christian Leader (Chris Blakeley and Sue Howard)

Much teaching on leadership focuses on skills and abilities, tactics and strategies - the outward aspects of leadership. But Christian leadership is always going to be more concerned with the inner life of the leader.

 Grove 1

Discerning Leadership (Bishop Graham Cray)

Bishop Graham Cray champions a revolution in leadership through renewed dependence on the church's primary leader: the Holy Spirit. With profound implications for resourcing the local church for mission, this is a trenchant must-read.

Future titles in the series will also be available to buy through the CPAS shop.


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