Leading Evangelism Journeys

Looking for a more structured way to develop the ministry of evangelism in your context? Try one of our leading evangelism journeys. 

Changing the culture of a church takes time, normally measured in months and years. Both these journeys are an accompanied process, where input and resources help you to work with others in shaping the life of your church(es) around evangelism. 
LELH4.pngJourney 1: Leading Evangelism Learning Hub
Join other churches in a 14-16 month journey to shape the life of your churches around faith-sharing. There are eight sessions (one day and one evening a term over four terms) attended by the Minister and two to five other leaders. Each term focuses on a particular theme (Connect, Model, Order, Mobilise) and introduces an evangelism practice to embed into the life of your churches.

'Getting involved with the Hub has been brilliant. It has given us practical tools that we can help people put into practice in their daily lives.'

The Rev David Brown, vicar

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LiEOnlineResource.pngJourney 2: Leading in Evangelism Online Resource
An in your own time, online, modular series of one hour video supported sessions exploring a wide range of topics. You can either follow the order of the sessions or go straight to the topics that best connect with where you are in your own thinking about the ministry of evangelism. Ideally used with a small group of leaders, you can select how much or how little to do in your own time frame.

‘I long for every church to engage with this – not to grow our numbers, but so that people come to know the love of God in the uncertainty, unpredictability, uncontrollability of the world.’

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

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These two approaches could be used sequentially, or intertwined, both enhancing a faith-sharing culture. For more on the difference between them see page 3 of this overview.