Leading in Evangelism Online Resource

A new online resource for church leaders, lay and ordained.

Together with the Church of England Vision and Strategy Team and other partners, we have developed an online learning experience for all church leaders to help them lead well in evangelism.


Leading in Evangelism Online Resource

Most church leaders hope to see their church engaged in fruitful evangelism, to see people coming to faith. But not everyone or every church feels confident in this area, and most would say that there is not as much happening in this area as they would like. 

There are lots of great resources that help train people for evangelism, or even to use as part of an outreach initiative, but there is a step that goes before this. Leading in Evangelism is a new online, ‘in your own time’ learning resource that supports leaders to do the kind of thinking needed to develop a culture and plan for evangelism that suits their context. 

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, reflects on what the resource offers

For an overview of the four themes and multiple sessions take a look at the Resource Overview


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