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Lead On article by Luke Smith. Simply put, young adults want to build a church community, they don’t want to attend one. They are participators and contributors not attenders wanting to be entertained. 

Lead On article by Sami Watts. Whether it is football in the park or an activity in church, leadership skills are important when organising such teams. Sami reminds us of such skills and how to lead effectively. 

Lead On article by John Dunnett. Leadership comes from an old Anglo-Saxon word for ‘route, way, path, direction’. It is about going somewhere, and for those within the Christian tradition, about discerning where God would have us go.

Lead On article by Rosie Ward. Having spent many years researching and writing on women and leadership, Rosie examines some of the things that impact women in their development as leaders.

Lead On article by Pam Macnaughton. Across the Church of England (and other denominations), increasing numbers of incumbents, SSMs and Readers are being asked to cope with leading more than one church. So, the first question for those in some sort of multi-parish situation is how are things going?

Lead On article by Paul Dundas. Leaders may have heard it before but Paul gives an important reminder to not allow ourselves to be distracted from our focus on God, or how he is growing and pruning us for growth.

Lead On article by Dave Richards. Even if you haven't seen The Apprentice you will no doubt have heard Lord Sugar's blunt catchphrase. But how do we let staff go in a way which reflects Jesus rather than Lord Sugar? 

Lead On article by Chris Neal. Claiming that the 'missional landscape we are now crossing is unlike anything we have faced before', Chris grapples with what leaders might need to address in the years to come as they seek to lead in the way of Jesus.

Lead On article by Dave Richards. With hiring people for a range of roles quickly becoming a task for clergy, you might be asking a number of questions or unsure of where to begin. Dave shares a number of insights in this useful article. 

Lead On article by Charles Burgess. Courage can take many forms. In leadership, more often than not, this is the seemingly insignificant things that go unnoticed but together make a big difference.