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Lead On article by Sam Corley. At what point do you start to offer someone a leadership opportunity in their discipleship journey? Straightaway? After they reach a certain level of knowledge? Maturity? Sam suggests four things we can do to encourage people in their development as leaders. 

We have produced a wide range of free resources to enable church leaders to lead their congregations and communities through the recovery phase of the pandemic. 

Recordings and resources from the third series of webinars for church leaders.

Lead On article by Charles Burgess.  Many of us have had to rethink our mission actions plans and vision documents in recent months. Others of us are wondering if you can plan anything in a time of uncertainty. Eight tips for enabling action.

This Word document template offers questions for church leaders to reflect on when thinking long-term, and planning short-term during this time of pandemic. 

A printable PDF matrix to help churches think through how to re-engage well - what have we gained during lockdown, what do we want to keep, and what do we want to leave behind? 

A month of Bible verses and prayers to keep hope alive during the time of pandemic.

Printable postcards on the theme of keeping hope alive to encourage and bless people in your church community and beyond.

An exercise to help Christian leaders handle expectations well during this time of pandemic.

A step-by-step process to work with other leaders in your context to discern what are your top ten questions that you will give your time and energy to over the coming months. It includes examples from two churches.