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Lead On article by Nick Shepherd. Lots has been written and said about helping people to live out their discipleship of Jesus in their Monday to Saturday lives. But what can we do as leaders to create a culture where this becomes a reality?

Lead On article by Liz Carter. Contentment - what is it and how do we get it? And even more importantly, how do we learn the secret of being content in all circumstances? With the inevitable challenges of leadership Liz suggests that leaders have a part to play in modelling contentment.

Lead On article by Andy Piggott. How can we start well in a new leadership post? Reflecting on the way that Jesus sets out on his ministry, Andy offers practical advice on how to start well.

Lead On article by John Coyne. Evangelism is at the heart of the Great Commission, to go make disciples of all nations. We therefore need to ensure it is an integral part of church life. John offers ways on how to do this.

Lead On article by Adrian Beavis. Visit a new place and it can be quite easy to assess the culture you have stepped into. A church is no exception. But not all parts of a church culture are healthy. Adrian gives guidance on how to go about the slow process of culture change.

Lead On article by Emma Sykes. Jesus encouraged the children to come to him but how often do you see children involved in the ministry of the church? Emma reflects on a recent experience, giving crucial ways of ensuring they continue to grow into mature disciples.

Lead On article by Ian Parkinson. Just as life has its seasons, so churches have their phases. The fruitfulness of each phase will depend on whether the leadership style has been adapted to match the phase. 

Lead On article by Charles Burgess. It's a common occurrence that those who help out each week at church are the same select few. Why is it so hard to get others involved? Charles gives insight into this and practical ways to address the issue.

This document is a useful guide to all things patronage; it suggests why patronage is helpful, why CPAS is involved in patronage, and answers other issues that surround an ancient and historic tradition within the Church of England.

Lead On article by Graham Archer. 'My people are too busy, I don't like to ask them to do things' seems to be commonly said in church settings. But is it their busyness which is the problem or our assumptions about their busyness?