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Looking to invest in your clergy and lay leaders? We can help with CME, IME, learning communities, leadership programmes and more.


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A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Research tells us that 60-70% of vision statements or Mission Action Plans are never put into action. How can a church turn vision into action and make change happen? What are the pitfalls to avoid on the way? What if you aren’t a ‘detail’ person?

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Leadership is about going somewhere, and for those in Christian leadership it is about going God’s way. This day explores the importance of vision, how we can discern God's direction and the role of clergy in facilitating the development of vision.

A short course CPAS offers to dioceses. Theologically, leadership in the New Testament is plural – it reflects the nature of the body. This short course equips clergy and lay leaders to lead well together.

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Expressing vulnerability in a leadership role can be a challenge to get right, seemingly walking a tightrope between sharing too little or too much. This day explores the importance of being vulnerable and shares insights into doing it well as a leader. 

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Following the success of our PCC Tonight resource, we are now offering dioceses a day of training for clergy leading PCCs which will cover a range of topics.

A short course CPAS offers to dioceses. This course explores how today's leaders can bring their church to a place of appropriate and effective evangelism.

A short course CPAS offers to dioceses. If churches are to be about Christ’s mission and ministry in the world there will always be aspects of church life that can be developed. But how? How do we discern what God wants us to focus on? And how do we ensure something actually happens?

Looking for more information about what we can offer dioceses to help with the developing of missional leaders? A downloadable leaflet with information about our leadership programmes, learning communities, short courses and training days.

A tailor-made leadership course aimed at the transformation of clergy as leaders in mission over at least ten months. The programme addresses not only leadership skills but underlying issues of character, vocation and the spiritual life. 

With the number of multi-parish benefices on the increase, we have designed Thrive, a learning community process over 24 months, specifically for clergy and lay leaders ministering in them.