Thrive: Helping Your Multi-Parish Benefice to Grow

Looking for ways to thrive as a multi-parish benefice? Aware of the seeds of enormous promise within MPBs, yet also facing distinctive and substantial challenges? Longing to do mission and ministry well? 

The Thrive Collection is designed to help leaders and churches in MPBs to meet these challenges. This innovative collection is based on tried and tested material, and has already proved its worth in MPBs across the country. 

Jigsaw-300-3.pngCreated as an interlocking set, you can use them all, or pick and choose which would suit your situation best.

  • The Thrive Book – rationale, theology, possibilities and practicalities that underpin Thrive, for the incumbent. 
  • The Thrive Prayer Guide – for all involved, from leaders to churchgoers across the MPB (bulk order options available).
  • The Thrive Course – downloadable course for a cross-benefice group of lay and ordained leaders. 
  • The Thrive PCC Sessions – downloadable sessions to help your PCC or Group Council explore the opportunities and challenges of MPBs.


‘Pam has worked with leaders of multi parish benefices to enable their churches to flourish and thrive. The wisdom she has gleaned will be gold dust for MPBs and for all leaders in local churches.’ 

Stephen Hance, Vision and Strategy team, Church of England

Inspiring and practical in equal measure, Thrive will enable each MPB to consider six areas: 

  1. Prayer.
  2. The stories of our churches.
  3. Developing leaders.
  4. Growing disciples.
  5. Sharing faith.
  6. Vision for the future.
For further details click on the links to each part of the collection, and the Thrive Collection (all four resources) is available at a discounted price of £30. 

The Thrive Collection (all four resources)




Why The Thrive Collection?

Pam’s conviction was that working together actually increases opportunities for growth and new life for all, both within and without church communities. 

Thrive is partly derived from material originally created in partnership with the Arthur Rank Centre and LEAD Academy. It has a theologically underpinned and carefully planned learning-and-action process which draws on existing research into what helps churches to grow.

As part of an exciting joint venture between CPAS and Church House Publishing, Thrive has been spear-headed by The Rev Pam Macnaughton, former CPAS Leadership Specialist. She now works for the Church of England Vision and Strategy team and is licensed to a group of churches in Derbyshire as an ordained pioneer minister.