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Lead On article by Kate Wharton. When something happens out of the blue which rocks the whole church and community, what do we do? How do we lead our church through such a time? 

Lead On article by Steve Brown. Despite humanity having the intelligence, vision and fortitude to reach outer space, there are some deep, deep problems here in the everyday on planet earth. Two simple, powerful prayers.

Coming soon - a new online course for church leaders, lay and ordained. Together with the Church of England Evangelism and Discipleship Team and other partners, we are developing an online learning experience for all church leaders to help them lead well in evangelism.

Whether you are a vicar at a CPAS patronage church, a churchwarden or PCC seeking to find your next vicar, a church leader looking for your next post or a member of diocesan staff involved in a patronage process, we are here to help you.

Lead On article by Andy Piggott. For June's edition, Andy looks at the challenges we are facing during lockdown and explores how we as Christians should respond going forward.

Lead On article by Emma Sykes. Emma discusses the practicalities of leading during 'unprecedented times'. As the world manages the COVID-19 crisis, how should church leaders respond and what should they do?

Lead On article by John Dunnett. John suggests three ways that we as leaders can discern vision and remain in Christ, building on the wide variety of materials already written on the subject of vision.

Lead On article by James Lawrence. Building on January's edition of task management,  February sees James examine the daily to do list - how to construct and making the most of the time and energy we have. 

Lead On article by James Lawrence. James looks into the subject of task management, suggesting key tools and methods that, when implemented, will ensure that all necessary tasks are completed. 

Lead On article by Ian Parkinson. Ian looks at the theology of Christian leadership, specifically focusing on four motifs that influence how Christ-like leadership is understood and practised.