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CPAS equips local churches to share the good news of Jesus through training, events and resources for you, your church and your diocese. We also advertise jobs in ministry at our patronage churches and elsewhere. bubble_image_about_us.png

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A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Overseeing a process of change can be tricky and lead to all sorts of tensions and disagreements. The day covers how people respond to change, how to approach change, and how to handle resistance.

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Many in church leadership know that shaping culture is what is required in their context, but shaping culture is perhaps the most difficult leadership challenge. This day explores how culture change can be achieved in a healthy and effective way. 

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Whilst collaborative leadership is a key model for the church today, many find that effective teamwork of this kind is not easy to achieve! This day covers a whole range of topics on team life.

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Christian leadership is best exercised in community. The day explores both how to engage people, and how to make sense of Anglican structures so that we can ensure we exercise leadership that encourages the growth and health of the local church.

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. The majority of our most effective initiatives are not usually completely successful straight away. This day explores how we might embrace failure as a way of learning, and how that might allow us to have a healthy and positive attitude towards risk-taking.

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Increasingly church leaders find themselves line managing others, be they paid staff, the Church Wardens, or volunteer leaders. Good line management enables others to give their best and helps them develop into future roles.

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Talk to any organisation or church about areas of struggle and it won’t be long until communication is mentioned. This day will explore practical insights into how church leaders can improve their use of different communciation methods.

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Leaders are first called to be disciples, yet the reality is that many struggle to maintain a vibrant spiritual life. This is a day to encourage leaders in the joys and challenges of their spiritual lives. 

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Leadership is often messy. Those we oversee or lead with can hold very different views and expectations, and it’s impossible to please everyone. This day will explore what we mean by courage and why leading courageously matters.

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. Research tells us that 60-70% of vision statements or Mission Action Plans are never put into action. How can a church turn vision into action and make change happen? What are the pitfalls to avoid on the way? What if you aren’t a ‘detail’ person?