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CPAS equips local churches to share the good news of Jesus through training, events and resources for you, your church and your diocese. We also advertise jobs in ministry at our patronage churches and elsewhere. bubble_image_about_us.png

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Lead On article by John Coyne. When things don't seem to be moving anywhere it can be tempting to consider starting something else. John advises that first you should take a step back to assess the situation in which you are ministering.

Lead On article by Pam Macnaughton. In a multi-parish benefice there is a lot of pressure for clergy and lay leaders to be here, there and everywhere. Pam gives different methods of how to work effectively in these situations.

Lead On article by John Dunnett. Sometimes a toxic culture can be built without anyone realising it. Rather than a DIY to building your own, John explores these seven steps to help avoid the accidental creation of a toxic culture.

Lead On article by James Lawrence. Technology is wonderful. We have the ability to be constantly connected to others through our screens. But it can also be damaging. What are you doing to ensure your relationship with connectivity and screens is in a good place?

Lead On article by Charles Burgess. As Christians we are promised opposition. As leaders this is amplified. You only need to look at the apostles to see the truth of this. Charles offers advice for what to do in these situations. 

CPAS patronage administers a register of evangelical clergy looking for a move. The EPCC clergy register is shared with other evangelical patronage trusts and seen by a significant number of bishops and archdeacons, and some individual private patrons.

Lead On article by Pete Wynter and Helen Dunn. If you want to raise up leaders, then you need to make sure the environment is an effective space in order to do this. Pete and Helen consider three environmental 'must-haves'.

A tailor-made leadership course aimed at the transformation of clergy as leaders in mission over at least ten months. The programme addresses not only leadership skills but underlying issues of character, vocation and the spiritual life. 

With the number of multi-parish benefices on the increase, we have designed Thrive, a learning community process over 24 months, specifically for clergy and lay leaders ministering in them. 

Lead On article by Ben Dyer. Being a young leader can be difficult. Ben draws on his own experience to provide four lessons that he has learnt along the way, as well as the things others have done that have helped or hindered.