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CPAS equips local churches to share the good news of Jesus through training, events and resources for you, your church and your diocese. We also advertise jobs in ministry at our patronage churches and elsewhere. bubble_image_about_us.png

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A Lead On article by Kate Wharton. If you read only one book on singleness in the Church, it should be Kate Wharton’s Single Minded. If you don't have time for a book then read her article about leading as a single person.

Lead On article by Richard Moy. Spiral Dynamics may not be a social theory known to you, but the insights from this way of thinking about our world may impact the way we lead evangelism in our churches.

Lead On article by Martyn Taylor. The average length of time an incumbent stays in post in the Church of England is around 7-8 years. But what if we stayed longer? Martyn reflects on the benefits of being in post for over 20 years.

Lead On article by Philip Mounstephen. Knowing ourselves matters. And knowing ourselves as leaders mattters. Philip reflects on his experiences of authentic leadership.

Lead On article by Esther Prior. We are all different. Thankfully. But the pressure to lead as others lead is both subtle and strong. Esther reflects on her own experiences of coming to terms with leading in a way which is authentic to who she is. 

Lead On article by John Dunnett. According to many theologians and missiologists this is a time of exile. How do we take on the cultural realities of our day and what key traits do we need in this time of exile?

Lead On article by Emma Sykes. The Church of England wants to increase the number of young people exploring vocation to authorised ministry. Other denominations are facing similar issues around ageing ministers. How we can encourage younger Christians to engage with God’s call on their life?

Lead On article by Jonathan Wilson. Change comes at a cost, but in a world where consumerism has permeated the lifeblood of not only society but the Church, entitlement, happiness and an easy life have become idols. Are you prepared for the cost of creating change through your leadership?

Lead On article by Graham Archer. We live in an era of instant accessibility to information. We also live in an era of complexity. Whilst it may be tempting to rely on education, intelligence or experience Graham argues we need God’s wisdom. 

Lead On article by Tamsin Merchant. The place we lead from affects everything we do. Tamsin explores how her experience of adopting children has led her to reflect on what it means to lead from a place of being an adopted child of God.