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CPAS equips local churches to share the good news of Jesus through training, events and resources for you, your church and your diocese. We also advertise jobs in ministry at our patronage churches and elsewhere. bubble_image_about_us.png

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Lead On article by Graham Archer. The findings of the Church Growth Research Programme gives helpful insights for those leaders who want to see their church or churches grow. Graham pulls out six of these helpful insights.

Lead On article by Andy Castle. Developing and nurturing young leaders is an imperative for the future of the church. Andy chats to three young people as he explores how we may best do this.

Lead On article by Alastair McKay. When in a position of leadership there are bound to be times of conflict. Alastair is executive director of Bridge Builders, an organisation committed to helping leaders handle conflict well. 

Lead On article by Rachel Treweek. The role of an archdeacon involves oversight. Often that means dealing with the difficult stuff. But regardless of what that involves it is always about relating to people and discerning where God is leading.  

Lead On article by Graham Archer. ‘I do not lose heart’. Reflecting on Paul’s words from 2 Corinthians 4, Graham asks how we can stay the same in the midst of all the pressures and demands of leadership.

Lead On article by John Fisher. For the average church, 10% of their life cycle will be spent in vacancy with no vicar or key leader in post. John explores how churches can use this time to grow and make the most of the opportunity.

Lead On article by Lucy Moore. Messy Church is one of the fastest growing fresh expressions of church in the UK. Lucy reflects on what is required of its leaders. 

Lead On article by John Dunnett. All church leaders will make mistakes at some point. After observing leaders in different contexts, John reflects on common mistakes leaders make in the hope we can avoid some of them.

Lead On article by Nadine Parkinson. Difficult conversations are just that. Difficult. Nadine uses biblical insight and personal experience to give helpful ideas to make these conversations go as well as possible!

Lead On article by Sharon Prior, lecturer at Cliff College and independent trainer and mentor. Knowing how best to nurture and develop teams of volunteers in your church can be a challenge. This article gives you some wise pointers on where to start!