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CPAS equips local churches to share the good news of Jesus through training, events and resources for you, your church and your diocese. We also advertise jobs in ministry at our patronage churches and elsewhere. bubble_image_about_us.png

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Lead On article by Dave Male. It's not uncommon for mission to get lost in the busyness of leadership. Sometimes it's caused by something as simple as the wrong definition of 'church'. Dave offers steps to keep evangelism central to the church.

Lead On article by Charles Burgess. Being Christ-like is important. Even more so when in a leadership position where there is significant opportunity to influence others. But what is Christ-likeness? And how do we ensure we are striving for it? 

Lead On article by David Hart. Residential ministry has a significant role in today's culture of consumerism. Having previously led our Ventures and Falcons ministry, David is well-placed to comment on its role in evangelism and developing leaders. 

Lead On article by Neil Hudson. It has always been difficult to disciple people, regardless of the cultural setting. Now that we face a consumerist culture leaders need to consider what they can do to further disciple-making in this context. 

Lead On article by Rod Street. Sometimes to think big you've got to start small. Rod explores whether small habit changes may be more important than big visions to change churches.

Lead On article by Roger Preece. In an amended extract from his recently published book, Roger examines the different types of power at work in a congregation and reflects on ways people exert power in leadership roles.

Lead On article by James Lawrence. With church leadership teams becoming increasingly generationally diverse, how can leaders with a range of aspirations, perspectives and approaches to leadership work well together? 

Lead On article by John Fisher. Leadership brings demands from all corners of life, both the church and personal. How do we handle all of them to ensure that we lead well in the long term?

Lead On article by John Dunnett. There are many things that can put the 'brakes' on growing leadership. John considers what these are and how to release growth in your leadership.

Lead On article by Nick Cuthbert. Looking at the biblical charge to 'lead with diligence', Nick explores what it means to know yourself as a leader, and how you might grow in Godly character and self-awareness of your capability.