Prayers of Love and Faith: A Statement from CPAS Trustees

CPAS is an evangelical Anglican mission agency whose focus is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through the work of the local church. CPAS is committed to working to enable the Church of England to be a place of welcome for all, founded in the sacrificial love of Jesus, whose death and resurrection offers eternal life to everyone who turns to him, regardless of age, race or ethnicity, ability, gender, or sexual orientation.

With regards to human sexuality, CPAS holds to the historic doctrine of the Church of England, which teaches that 'marriage is in its nature a union permanent and lifelong, for better for worse, till death them do part, of one man with one woman, to the exclusion of all others' (Canon B30).

Although CPAS engages with a broad family of churches holding a spectrum of convictions, the work of CPAS is guided by these statements which have been adopted by Trustees: the CPAS Basis of Faith and Outworkings of Faith.

Among CPAS Patronage churches there are many who are concerned that the proposed Prayers of Love and Faith imply a departure from the doctrine of the Church of England.

We recognise that we are in uncertain times, with Prayers having been commended, stand-alone services still under consideration by the House of Bishops, and important new Pastoral Guidance and Pastoral Reassurance documents yet to be produced. Our teams remain committed to playing our part to serve the mission of the Church of England and will be working to support parishes and ministers in their work.